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Hello from Hungary

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Hey guys!

I'm Trea (22) and I started playing airsoft (continuously, [Already tried out a few years back]) around 2014 September, in Sopron, Hungary. Right now I own an old MP5, but because I'm more like a careful, slow-paced player I want to change to snipers.

I was thinking about buying a JG bar-10 or a cyma.702.

Unfortunately i'm on a budget, that's why I decided on a low/mid-tier weapons and upgrade them piece by piece. If anyone has experience with these weapons (or even if not), which one would you recommend? (Currently I'm on 65-35 in favor of cyma because it is slightly faster and has a better deal on the internet)

The forum already helped me a lot with the guides.

The 2 weapons:
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Hungarian hello, eh? Good to have you here, Trea. Looks like you're goig about the right way with sniping. Got a good secondary yet? Quality bbs? Ghillie suit? Not to grill you on your gear, :hehe: I hope we can help you out wih all of your sniping needs. Post some pics of your field, and some of our resident bushes can help you out with your ghillie! Ask around in the sidearms section, and I'm sure you'll hit on a good secondary! And most of all, glad to have you here!
Wow, I sound like a lame commercial in that post.
Advertisement policy would be my guess. It could be that the one site is selling it with upgraded internals, but I kinda doubt that.
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