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Hello from Indonesia

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Hi.. I'm Nicholas from Jakarta, Indonesia and I've been into Airsoft for 4 years and just starting to get into sniping. I'll be getting a kjw m700 with all the bells and wistles and air/co2 rig.

My current teams only play with gas guns so it's natural to get the m700.

I hope I can contribute to the forum as I've learnt a lot while lurking the past months.

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Hi Nicholas, welcome to the forum. Sounds like your are getting ready for some sniping fun.
Welcome to the forums... We'd also love to hear how you play there Airsoft.

Welcome to the boards.

Airsoft in Indonesia is not 100% legal, as it's only legally acceptable for AAPSC, and it's fell into the same rules as firearms and it's regulated.

We get our airsoft imported through special means... We are not on the list of most corrupt countries for nothing :)

So most of the games here are smallish in scale. About 10-20 people would be the norm. Though sometimes there's a larger event of about 2-300 people. Those are the numbers in Jakarta, the capital as the. On the smaller provinces, the number varies as the airsoft population are much smaller.

Prices for airsoft would probably rival Canadian prices hehehehe. But the PTW owners is probably only a handfuls. Majority would be ACMs follows GNP. GBBR has quite a following but not much dedicated teams, as not much smiths that can make the gbbr skirmish able :p..

Sorry for the balbbering.. And I'll gladly answer any further questions.

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N1ch0, could you post the name of the Youtube video? I am having difficulty with the link.

Sorry, I think I still haven't got a hang of using iPad yet...

Can you just google "jsoc airsoft" .. I'll edit the link again when I got on the computer.

@wolf, we make the best possible outcome of our situation.
This hobby is definitely worth the hassle :)

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