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hello guys i'm a part of hellhounds airsoft on MD's Eastern shore. I have played for about three years now and have been reading parts of this forum for several months. I am just now getting around to making a account though as I have gotten to the point where I have my own thoughts, inputs, and many questions to post and apply here.

Name: David

Callsign: GT

Experience: 3yrs airsoft
1 1/2 years airsoft tech as a hobby.

You're arsenal: G&P m4a1 with upgraded internals ROF.
Stock TM g36c
custom built from the ground up mk12 SPR mod 0
WE px4 GBB

Camo: I don't wear ghillies at our home field due to the amount of thorns. For winter I wear mixed camo consisting of DCU tops and woodland tigers bottom. Summer generally all woodland tigers.
I do have a built Ghillie for when we travel though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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