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Hello from MI

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My name is Ian and I am from South West MI. I recently acquired the callsign swampman due to spending far too long in the swamps at my last milsim.

I got into airsoft a few months ago when I picked up a Combat Machine and attended MI's largest milsim ever with 260ish people. It was a heck of an introduction to the hobby and I am hooked.

I learned that day that range was important and I just didn't have enough of it to be really competitive. That started me thinking about a DMR gun and I finally settled on the G&G m14 ebr. I saved up in my airsoft fund and last week it finally came back into stock. I didn't have enough cash but my lovely wife took pity on me and told me to get it anyway. Luckily I ordered it just before they sold out. It got here today which is why I am finally introducing myself.

I have lurked here for months memorizing the DMR holy grail thread and now I have some questions. I look forward to the days when I have learned all I can and will be the one posting answers and guides.
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Greetings fellow Michigander!

I'm sure you will find this forum to be a very helpful in the art of precision marksmanship!

Didn't know if you knew, but michigan has a very active airsoft comunity.
Welcome to the forums. Always nice to see another member get hooked to the game. ;)
Yeah I post on that forum and the airsoft of Kzoo one. I wanted to start here though because it is the home of the DMR holy grail thread.
We always like to see new members on the board. Also, ahhh the acclaimed DMR thread. Our forum has had quite a bit of discussion in other forums because if that thread. At least that's what I heard. on this forum. Lol.
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