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Hello from NC

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Im an active member on a decent amount of other forums, MIA, NCAO, TNairsoft, ASF and was referred to this site by Hoggie.

Name: Elliott Scott

Callsign: Custard

Experience: Been playing airsoft for about two years, been to 15+ ops including Fulda Gap '10 and '11.

Arsenal: KWA G17, CYMA G18c AEP (nineball internals with 7.4v lipo and mosfet), WE Hi-Capa 5.1, King Arms DMR with JP Rail system, JG Bar10 with upp'd internals, KWA Mac11
Soon to have KWA SR12

Hobbies: Airsoft, Gaming, Hanging with womens, Running

Residence: North Carolina
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us!
I like custard with fruit sometimes...
Welcome aboard. Glad you are finally here.
Yea, took me long enough haha
You got a Cyma G18. How is it? How is it with the nineball parts?
FANTASTIC. I just traded it off though. Shot 225 w/ .25s at about 18 a second
Awww I wanted one. All I have is my megapistol of doom. So nice I can change the fps from 100 to 700. Not using Hpa using green gas. I might save up for a G18. Or get the coming soon. WE G17. That caught my eye. Yes I am a bf3 fanboy I want to add a laser to it.
I'm not getting a callsign till my drill sergent gives me one.
Tell him you might want to consider cold custard with fruit. HMMMM So yummy.
custard said:
FANTASTIC. I just traded it off though. Shot 225 w/ .25s at about 18 a second
Their P226 is supposed to be even better.
I can believe it is good. But my question is how good and I don`t like the pricetag. But airsoft is a price tag game. Sooo expensive.
Pricetag on the AEP? Lets just say it took quite a bit to get it to where it is today
NC represent!!!! What part are you from??
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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