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So I am just going to use the reference.
Hello I am Nelson.
I really don`t have a callsign I just go from dude or dude with the shield. But don't have one yet.
My experience in airsoft is around 3 years. Not in military yet. Looking to join Air Force. Never have the money to go to airsoft ops.
My Airsoft arsenal. A JG Ak which I turned into a pistol and a dmr. 650 dollars invested in it. A kjw mk1. A JG G36k which is also a dmr. A red tiger spring famas. A G&G m4. JG BAR-10 shipping.
I use just a standard Desert Marpat. No Ghillie yet.
Other Hobbies. TKD,hanging with friends,Biking, and my favorite DIY!
I live in SOCAL.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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