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Hello from Nor Cal

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Hello to all you snipers out there, my name is Aaron and I have been looking around this forum for a while, but never really decided to join until now. I've been airsofting for quite a few years now, but I've only started sniping this past couple years. I started out in the assault role with a JG AK47 and a KJW Full-auto M9 and it was fun, but once I tried sniping, I never turned back. I eventually sold some of my gear and bought the Well MB01 L96 and a SOCOM Gear M1911 MEU. I wanted to join this forum for help if I had any questions about upgrades or anything, so I hope you guys could help me out.
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Welcome to the forum. Jeez Ranger, I'm seeing a new side to you. Either that or I live under a rock. Anyway, when people don't call their hits I somehow keep myself under control and wait until the end of the round to tell the owner who I am on good terms with, and he makes the little bastard rambo wannabees sit out. Occasionally I do aim for the flesh though, when they seem to be not following the rules but just border line within the limits. I never go for the neck or face though. Except for that one time but that's another story *evil laugh*. It's the tricky ones you should really be shooting for.
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