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Hello from Nor Cal

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Hello to all you snipers out there, my name is Aaron and I have been looking around this forum for a while, but never really decided to join until now. I've been airsofting for quite a few years now, but I've only started sniping this past couple years. I started out in the assault role with a JG AK47 and a KJW Full-auto M9 and it was fun, but once I tried sniping, I never turned back. I eventually sold some of my gear and bought the Well MB01 L96 and a SOCOM Gear M1911 MEU. I wanted to join this forum for help if I had any questions about upgrades or anything, so I hope you guys could help me out.
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What part of NorCal? I don't get to play that much anymore, but it's nice to keep tabs on other snipers in the area to see if there are any games going on...

edit: Scarecrow - where outside of Yosemite? I spent a year just outside of Oakhurst, amazing area. There isn't that much airsoft around there (at least when I was there), but I think TF50 has pretty good numbers in that area.
I live in a city called San Ramon, I usually go to Utaku's Feild in Galt, but I plan on going to a new field I found out about called Area 48.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys =)
Well Aaron at least you are near a decent population center. More zombies! *Grin*
Yea, it'd be bad if something broke out, but luckily the area I live in is near farmland and lots of hills, so at least I have somewhere to run.

Welcome to the forum... Feel free to ask anything you want.

Thanks and I'll keep that in mind =)
Welcome! Nor Cal here to. Haven't been to Ukaus in a while. I'll have to check out Area 48.
Thanks for the welcomes and go Nor Cal squad! That's a bummer about area 48 and yea I haven't been to many different fields, only CQB city and Utakus field, but I'd prefer to go to a field with little to no 12 year olds, nothing against them, but they can get a bit annoying. I thought it was just me, but I've seen some pretty bad cheating from the run and gun Filipinos (I'm half Filipino though, so you better watch what you say, son haha). I'll have to check out that Fort ORD though, I hear it's pretty good and the age limit makes it very compelling. Vacaville is a bit out of the way, if I remember correctly, but if it's closer than that long hour and a half drive to Stockton, I'm up for it.
lol as long as you dont light me up at 5ft, inside with an AEG shooting 60 BPS with after swapping the spring after your chrono tag... and call your hits; we're cool.
Don't worry about me, I know how annoying it is to have that happen, so I'd rather not have someone else go through the same frustration. I actually call my hits, plus, I no longer have an AEG. So we're good :tup:

Welcome to the forums buddy, I know the first time I used a bolt action, I never looked back either,lol.. The first airsoft gun I ever used/owned was a bolt action. I tried the aeg thing about 3 years later, nothing compares nor peaks my interest like the bolt rifles..
Yeah, that's my kind of language :cheers: and thanks for the welcome.

Thanks for the welcomes guys. For me, headshots are for those guys who like to stick their head out all the time, but don't fire when they know they're being shot at. I almost never or face go for the neck and I don't deliberately try to hurt people, but if they're not going to call their hits constantly and then brag about barely getting shot and taking down a bunch of guys single handedly after a game (yes I've dealt with a couple people like that) then I have no sympathy for them.
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