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Hello from Oregon (ORY GUN)

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Hello, my name is Grant. I got into airsoft maybe 5 years back. Started with spring pistols. Moved up to a crossman something-or-other after a few years, and a year after that, an E1 P90. Im lucky to play both CQB and field. I've had maybe 20 games experience, only 3 with a DMR or sniper. I've tried out every role but SAW support. Came to the conclusion that I like being a DMR the best. As such, I have joined this forum in hopes to start a DMR build from an AUG, and eventually scrap the body and make my own into a wood stock, bullpup, stanag b****** child.

Current guns:
-E1 P90 w/slight mods & upgrades
(having compression problems. Looking to sell or trade it for an aug in the future.)

-KJW G23 with 2 frames (OD and black) and 3 mags

-tri shot

Utility knife:

OD belt, mag pouches

ATACS ACU (was supposed to be FG D:<)

Woodland mass produced ghillie (making my own this year)

I don't have any funds right now, but the referee-ing season is about to start up again.

Plan for the DMR:
Tune up an AUG, follow the holy grail thread to the letter.
Scrap the polymer body and make one out of wood. It's going to cover the entire barrel up to a suppressor, almost like the G36 but the wood more snug around the suppressor.
Use G36 M4 magazine well and hopup block conversion kit. (in theory, it should be easy enough to attach to wood stock)

Thus, my b****** child aug/m4/g36 thing. I can edit in a parts list if you like, but I won't actually get to work on the until (hopefully all goes well) later this year when I have more money. The body will be the last addition. Note: my FPS limits for DMRs are 450 an 475, depending on the field. I'd like to have two springs cut down to exactly (well, close enough) those FPS limits, so I can switcharoo.

Side note: case you didn't read, I'm selling/trading my P90.
I also REALLY LOVE the marushin Maxi M1911A1. Haven't been able to find one anywhere. So if you have one, hit me up. I'm willing to shell out obscene (up to $200, or trade my P90, which is a mighty offer) amounts of cash for one. 'Specially If it has red grips. 'cause everyone knows, red ones go faster.

Two quick questions. I assume since this is a sniper forum, talk of silencers is allowed?
Second question: did the first humanoid have a belly button?

That's all for now,
Grant out. DLF
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Welcome! Where are you having compression problems? Cylinder/piston or hop up area?
I know its not the hopup block itself, but I think it's the meshing of the air nozzle to the rubber. It's also hard to test my cylinder compression when it's ported. It required some real dexterity, but I think it's close to 95%ish. I don't know how to test air nozzle to hop up unit. Any help would be great. I'm making a last ditch effort to fix it myself before taking it in. I was thinking it might be that the gearbox isn't pushed in enough? I'll have time to do any tests this weekend.
Welcome to the forum, I believe that you should refer to them as mock suppressors. I'm from Ireland however so I can do whatever I like
LOL same for me.... We Europeans don't have problem with that.... YET!

Welcome to the board.

Ah, inthetallgrass, the only limitation here is that the biggest post company in Finland doesn't post anything relevant to guns, including airsoft. But the other one does just as well with around 1000 post offices in Finland.
Welcome aboard, you could try the nozzle-hopup seal by putting piece of toilet paper on the spot you would put your mag, shoot the gun, and see if the toilet paper "jumps" alot, you should shoot it with a bb so the paper SHOULD "jump" more, thus making it easier to see if it leaks.
Okay, I did the tp test. Minute movement due to the guns "recoil" (I say that very loosely...). So a quick run down of the gearbox and what's been done to the gun.

I tried testing the cylinder seal:
Covered air nozzle, covered cylinder port. When I pushed the piston in, it bounced back a bit. All good.
Note: air nozzle was in back position. I don't have enough dexterity to cover the holes, hold it forwards and push in the piston at the same time.

No AOE correction yet
Stock cylinder
Stock c-head Teflon taped for seal*
Matrix brand metal teeth piston
Stock metal p-head w/ #14 o-ring
Stock gears/ motor
New O-ring air nozzle
*I have heard this somewhere, good idea or not?

Covered the barrel, covered feed hole, blew into the air nozzle hole. No problems.
Madbull red, no room for Teflon.
Glued on fish bone spacer thing.

Improved from bbs just rolling out the barrel to maybe 150-200ish FPS (very rough guess) my kj23 pierced a cardboard box. My P90 barely dented it.

Tested hopup block. Nada.
Tested hopup/air nozzle. Nada.
Tested cylinder/piston. Nada?

Conclusion: since I can't really be 100% about the cylinder, I'm going to order a double o-ring head and see of that works.

So unless there's something REALLY weird about the echo 1 P90 that I don't know.... And the c-head doesn't work... Than I'm taking it to a more experienced tech.
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