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I was a long time lurker and now a new member to this wonderful forum.
I have been involved in airsoft sniping for maybe 4-5 years now and I cant wait to finally join the conversation about these little guns.

I am a current student at a university studying mechanical engineering and so this hobby falls right in to place with my schooling (Yay for fluid dynamics).

Anyway to make short of a long post:
I have a bar 10 g spec externally stock, internally not so
edgi 6.01 303mm
AC alpha trigger, cylinder head and piston set
waiting on action army hop up chamber(thinking about r hopping but having trouble justifying the effort)
looking to paint the gun when that stupid rubberized coating comes off.

I hope you guys can help me get to that glorious 300 foot mark consistently, as I seem to not be able to surpass 250.
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