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Hi guys. My name is Ryan, I'm 31 and live in West Lothian, Scotland.

I've been airsofting for 4 years, but have no experience of bolt action rifles. I'm currently a marshal at Players of War (POW) airsoft in Bonnybridge, near Falkirk and I also attend NCIS airsoft, near Edinburgh on occasion. I'm also known as 'Private Ryan' on the POW forum.

I've been reading these forums for just over a year now and have finally taken the plunge and purchased a BASR - TM L96 AWS (pre-owned & upgraded).

Laylax L96 AWS Zero Trigger & Piston
PDI Raven Cylinder
Laylax Cylinder Head
Laylax Spring Guide
PDI 250% Spring (cut I think)
PDI W Hop rubber with standard TM hop nub
Tanio Koba Twist 500mm barrel
King Arms M3 3.5-10x40 Scope
Harris style Bi-pod
Suppressor Adaptor and metal Suppressor (unknown brand)
Krylon paint job

I'm already having problems with my L96, but I'll post that up in the relevant section. The work was carried out by Fire-Support in England, but from what I can gather, they've used a non-TM L96 AWS specific spring (250%) and cut it, instead of using the specific PDI 130 or 140 springs and have used the 7mm Laylax Spring Guide. I think this is the cause of my issues, so hopefully a new PDI spring and 9mm PDI spring guide will sort it.

Once I get the rifle shooting how I like, I'll be looking to sort my kit. So far I've purchased a belt kit, but haven't had the chance to field test it. I usually wear a Russian Gorka Suit in Partizan camo, but also use Flecktarn. For my sniper camo, I'm swithering between Danish M84 (or the Russian Flecktar-D equivalent), Partizan (Autumn) or Vegetato.

For my sidearm, I have recently purchased a TM MK23 SOCOM pistol after seeing Vavann in action on YouTube. He basically inspired me to get my finger out and try the sniper role. Skirmished my pistol for the 1st time on Sunday and got 2 nice sneaky kills with it. I love how quiet it is and how far and accurately it shoots. I've added a PDI 6.01 TBB to it. With 0.30g BB's it shoots like a dream.

My other current weapons of choice are :
TM AKS-74U Recoil
TM AK74MN Recoil
HP PPSH-41 (my favourite AEG....shoots really well and out-ranges most other AEG's)
TM Hi-Capa 4.3 Custom Dual Stainless


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Hi ryan.

Im a Fort regular and have played POW once,I recognise you from the Forts forum.
POW is a bit of a bugger for sniping as its so open,well it was when I played there a year or so ago.

I don't have any experience with the TM l96,its about the only rifle I've not owned or opened,but have plenty experience with bolt action rifles, so I'm happy to help where I can.
Hi Pete. I've previously played at the Fort with you around 4 years ago and at the Asylum once, back when you were running your M14 SOCOM and hiding up high in the main building, when the Fort went on tour.

Aside from Vavann, who I've only seen online, you're about the only sniper who I've come across in 4 years that deserves the title. I've witnessed your sneakiness and concealment first hand and haven't seen better in all this time. Although POW doesn't contain many BASR's, probably due to the terrain and Ernie's dislike for them. POW has a 450FPS limit and doesn't allow semi-auto DMR's over 350FPS, which is a pain.

I'd be glad of your assistance, as if I can't fix this bloody L96, I'll need someone who knows what they're doing to look at it.

I've posted up in the "Others" rifle section about the issues I'm having. Please feel free to take a look and offer any advice folks -



PS. Fuzzy, the MK23 is bit of a pain being so long, which is why I got a belt holster and not a drop-leg to keep the silencer off the ground when kneeling. But I love the look of it and how it shoots, so I wouldn't be with out it now. It's surely the must-have sniper's sidearm, for sneaky close-range kills on the move. I hope to try it as a primary for CQB (Vavann inspired) and have 5 mags at the moment.

I can buy a Marui Shorty silencer and replace the end cap with the SOCOM one to have a silencer half the length, if I choose. A guy at my site has a smaller G&G silencer and it still deadens the sound nicely.
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