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Hello everyone!

I'm Wallack from Spain. So first of all, sorry for my english, I think is not bad but I can make mistakes.

I'm from Santander, a little city in the north, of about 190.000 pop in the Cantabria province which is around 500.000 pop, so as you can imagine years ago was hard to find airsoft players.

Now I'm 25 and I started playing wince I was 18 (I don't count the games using springers guns bought in a chinese store

I like to name myself as the eternal sniper wannabe. And that's because I've bought a lot of different snipers and only played two times, here's my little story (about snipers, I won't write about other aegs).

I started with a maruzen APS type 96 at 470 fps. Like 5 years ago. Was impossible to bolt in a normal position, and with impossible I mean IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

Played one game, was so hard to bolt that I broke the typical ball of the type 96 bolt. I sold it to a friend (very cheap) and he cleaned it and fixed it. Finally, only by fixing some little stuff was at 640 fps. The guy I bought the replica from (we call replica all the airsoft guns in spain tipically) upgraded it very bad because with little fixes and air seals was with like 200 fps more.

Then I bought from a player a VSR 10 G-Spec. Literally didn't bought it, I changed some trash I had around home (an old computer, a cellphone and a lot of stuff) with the VSR (stock) and then I sold the VSR. In those days I wasn't more interested on sniper rifles.

Days after that (I use to play with a scope, acog, or normal scope on my M4) I made a little elimination that reminded me that I really like to be sniper, as I prefer to kill silently (difficult with an AEG) but what I really love is to see it through the scope... so I went again to my sniper dream.

I bought a M700 TD KJW... returned it to the store in less than a week. I liked the easy bolt action of the sniper gas rifles but I didn't like the Takedown at all.

Then I bought a SR25. It was really a M15 from classic army converted into a SR25 (I think in those days there wasn't any real sr25 available) so it was really an sr25 with 5.56 magazines.

It was around 450 and used 12 V BATTERY!!! It was like 100 kg and I sold it without playing with it (story of my life).

Then I bought a M14 at 450 and was a scam. The AEG only shot upside down (is that the work?) I mean, the hopup didn't feed well so I needed to make the gravity help feeding :( anyways I sold it back to another player (but I was legal I specified the problems always when I sell something)...

Then went back to springer. Bought a VSR 10 at 450 (fool again ...) and was really around 370. Bought some edgi parts and upgraded it but I finally sold it without playing with it.

Then I bought a M700 KJW (police model) and again, sold it without playing, it was around 535 (minimum) and 585 (maximum).

Then I bought a L96 in a G22 body which you can see here:

After the paint:

With the ghillie and some artisting pictures:

Is at 535 FPS but I'm looking to sell it. I played with it only once and is set up with 0,36 to shoot without problems at 60 and 70 meters.

So this is my sniper history, I didn't count them but only 2 games played with real sniper replicas.

My next step (and hope to be the final step):

Buy a VSR-10 (Marui) and change everything but the body and the hop (I really like the marui hop) and then, upgrade it full PDI with the longest outer barrel available (I don't know if plain, fluted or tornado).

I want this to be my last upgrade and sniper rifle. I really like the VSR and is very light weight (I'm not very strong XD) so this is my little story.

I won't post very ofter, I will look more for pictures than anything else. I have it clear that I will do a full PDI upgraded (except for the hopup rubber and the barrel (EDGI 6,00 ported)).

I really love tanaka gas rifles (short bolt action movement, longest barrell) but in my region you will need CO2 to make it stable (weather here changes a lot) and I don't like the look of the CO2 mods (is everything but stetical).

So this is me, and that's all for now!

Kind regards!

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Well it seems you have the money and the wit to an extent but you don't know what to do with your guns. VSR's are light but adding a huge outer barrel will make it much more front heavy and impractical to carry around. I would get a short enough fluted barrel and (the one with the curves) and add a short silencer to it. LONGER, TIGHTER BARRELS DON't mean more accuracy. Barrel length doesn't matter as long as it is betweeen 500 and 350mm. The tighter the barrel after a cetain extent the LESS accurate. Trust me, a well built 6.03 is better then a well built 6.01. Oh and the KJW look nice but they don't preform that well. Lastely, don't bother with a PDI receiver as there isn't much of a point other then looking slightly different. I would spend the money on the body. Just my two cents, or advice if you prefer.
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