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Well it seems you have the money and the wit to an extent but you don't know what to do with your guns. VSR's are light but adding a huge outer barrel will make it much more front heavy and impractical to carry around. I would get a short enough fluted barrel and (the one with the curves) and add a short silencer to it. LONGER, TIGHTER BARRELS DON't mean more accuracy. Barrel length doesn't matter as long as it is betweeen 500 and 350mm. The tighter the barrel after a cetain extent the LESS accurate. Trust me, a well built 6.03 is better then a well built 6.01. Oh and the KJW look nice but they don't preform that well. Lastely, don't bother with a PDI receiver as there isn't much of a point other then looking slightly different. I would spend the money on the body. Just my two cents, or advice if you prefer.
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