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Hello from Sweden

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Hello folks!

Name: Erik

Callsign: Oiric

Age: 23

Experience: Been interested in airsoft for about 5 years, started out but got caught in other stuff and got back to the scene in April 2011. No military experience.

Arsenal: TM G36C, CA/others G36 (DMR project in the making), JG G36C, JG Bar10-G, G&P M14 DMR, WE Hi-capa 7 Dragon Type A silver

Camo: No ghillie for me! I just use my nice, plain OD flightsuit and OD gear.

Other hobbies: Computers and spending time with my 4 year old son.

I reside in Stockholm, capitol of Sweden (yes, that European country with only blondes).

I'm looking forward to these boards. Have followed them for a little while and thought I'd sign up as I'm getting more and more into the role of sniper/marksman.

Have a nice day!
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Hey man welcome aboard. Its nice to see what our fellow airsofters across the pond are up to in the airsoft world.
Glad to see another G36 DMR fan out there, I had one for a while before I moved over to my SL9, and Vindi has an awesome G36 DMR; feel free to PM if you have any questions about it (my G36 is a TM and the SL9 is CA).
Welcome! I don't which part I like more, the armory or the country of filled with blondes!
Thank you for the welcomes. :) Much appreciated!

Oh yes, G36 are the most sexiful rifles out there, for sure. I put this thing together:
(Yes, it's a horrible picture with a gun on a bed, but it's the one i got)

Not much special. Just a normal G36 with outerbarrel from G36K and G36 put together topped off with a (working) silencer. With that i put on a modded rail. The back end of it have been cut out and a small peice of rail have been added where the rear sights normally resides.

However, the thing is leaking air like a fishnet so it barely shoots the way it is now and i don't know how to fix it. I know where the problem is though.
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It looks nice, even though I don't really like a g36.
The leak can come from one of the following, pistonhead has no o-ring, nozzle is broken, tappet plate spring out of place, bucking might be teared or out of place. I think there were everything, now go solve the problem. :)
Nope, none of those are the problem. It's leaking air between GB and hopup-chamber. Very frustrating. It does this with all of the chambers i own. Next step is to replace the GB-shell. I just haven't gotten around to do it yet as i've felt kind of fed up with it not working.
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