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Hello from Switzerland

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Hey everyone !

I stumbled upon this website while browsing on airsoftmechanics (free shoutout) for a DMR setup and felt like registering because I found alot of info here and I guess I can learn only good things.

As for me, I'm a 28 yo airsofter from Geneva, Switzerland. I've been playing airsoft since 2002. Haven't hung up my boots yet and don't feel like it. Although I suffered from a foot injury which has kept me on the sidelines for a year, I took advantage of that situation to gather much info on how to make my AEGs more reliable, and how it all works so I know where to start to fix them if they give me trouble. Same thing for sniper rifles.

By coming here and reading, it maintains my will to enhance my experience with sniper rifles. I've owned a Maruzen APS-2 in the past, with every possible upgrade installed. Never really played with it and sold it. Last year I wanted to give a second chance to sniper rifles and this time actually play seriously and see if it's my thing or not. I'm mostly an assault guy but what the hell, there are more ways than one to play airsoft.

To keep it short and sweet, I picked up a PDI M24, and realized that if I spend some time here, I can make it work. I'm willing to pick up a KJW M700 just for saving me the hassle of having to pull back the heavy spring on the M24, but from my understanding, springers are better performers in general. As for a sidearm, I rely on my KSC USP .45 (S7).

I don't have a ghillie suit with me right now and as stated above, if sniping grows on me, I'll probably build one.

When not playing and tinkering with airsoft, which is my primary passion, I devote myself on my second one which is watching wrestling (the smark way). Looking to practice some too. Other than that, I spend some time on reshaping my health and body at the gym, biking, hiking, and looking to add some other things like going climbing and canyoning. I'm having a thing for fashion too, but I'm really at the beginning.

I guess that sums it up. Glad to be on board !
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us. Feel free to post your m24 in the gallery thread under "Project Guns" so that you can let us know how it is going as well as get some input.
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