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Hello from Tampa

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I just started doing this since I moved down here from Jacksonville. I started playing a lot of woodsball in Jax, moved down here and found more people play air soft. I bought a Mauser Pro Tacticle and like it so far. Is it cool to aim for the head? I know in paintball it was. I shot a guy in the glasses from about 100' the first time I played. I have to say it was pretty funny because he had no clue where it came from. But after the match he told me where it hit and it kind of scared me. I guess because of the fact it was saftey glasses not goggles. Play at your own risk I guess. I look forward to getting out and "hunting" some more.
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Welcome to the forum! And no, it's generally a dick move to shoot someone in the head unless there is a reason to, like they're cheating or the head is the only shot...
eah, it kind of felt that way after I did it.
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