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Hey guys, my name is Felix Martin. I'm from Lexington, South Carolina. Ive been playing for a year in NC and SC with Team AJAX. I DM a lot and I'm looking to get my M28 into a good reliable sniper platform.. so I have a ways to go

Owned Rifles:
G&G M14 with 300% element gears + piston, Prommy M150, Extreme Fire Panthers Mosfet, 11.1 30c 2200mah, G&P Satan 180 motor, custom build flat-hop, shoots 450ish with .25s

Echo 1 M28 with 300% Cylinder upgrade kit and ASGI reinforced trigger box/sears.

Custom Built M16 with element high torques, SHS high torque, 11.1 30c 2200 mah, Prommy 160, custom built ER hop, 6.01 Prommy TBB, silent cylinder head, element piston/piston head, custom non breaking mosfet, still working on the ER hop so FPS is to be determined.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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