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Hello, from the MAA

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Im Josh from the Minnesota Airsoft Association. My username there is b.lee.swagger. Pathetic yes, but when I made the account, it was all that I could think of. Despite the name, I am not really a sniper, however, I do 'spot' for one of my pals.

Using some of Vindi's guides, I now have a pretty awesome DMR! Thanks!

Im not planning on being here too much, but maybe Ill do a little looking around. Got a question though that Ill post up.

See you all around!
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Welcome ....

Where at in MN are ya? I am in the fargo area and always looking for more guys and new places to play.
Well there are a group of us that come down and play at MS40 from time to time ;)

We are located here in Fargo. So not to far of a drive.
I didn't hear about that.... Why is that?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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