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Hi all,

My name is Jonne, callsign Crash, and as the title states, I'm from the Netherlands. I'm 37 years young ;-) and I've been playing airsoft CQB for a while. After some outdoor games I noticed that our team is lacking in the range department. So I decided to dive into the web and purchased a JG Bar 10 G-Spec to upgrade fully. At first I wanted to purchase a TM VSR 10 but since I will be upgrading most of the parts I thought I'd save the money for upgrades :). Since I currently play mostly play HPA I have a great interest in the Wolverine Bolt with the Wraith setup but I'l start with upgrading the Hop up, bucking and barrel to a 303 or 435 and after that I will decide if I go for spring or Wolverine.

I already found a lot of helpful info on this site and expect to do so in the future. If anyone who reads this has some helpful links to threads on this site, please send me a link.

Thx for the add and I wish you al good games :)


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