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Hello from the UK!

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Hi fellow 'airsoft snipers'!
I'm new to this forum although i'm not new to the sport or airsoft forums in general. I started about 3 years ago now, and as my first gun was a sniper rifle- JG BAR-10 (which yes, was a mistake!) I've always been keen on sniping, and my favourite time on the airsoft field is off on my own sneaking about. Since then I've converted the BAR-10 to a ww2 ish rifle, which i use with the appropriate ruskie kit.
After doing ww2 stuff for a bit, I bought some more effective modern kit which for my primary gun I have an AEG DMR ish M16, and my play with it is very snipery.
Basically I hope to learn a lot more about fieldcraft and bolt gun tech from this forum, and it looks a great place to start!

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Welcome to the forum.
In which gun did yo uput the BAR10? KAR98??

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