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Hello! my name is Sam and i'm from Kentucky and i have been playing airsoft for roughly 5-6 months, i started out in December at my local field with my brothers old aeg but it wasn't that exciting so i decided to go with a sniper and haven't looked back. I bought a snow wolf m24 with pre-upgraded piston, spring (i don't know what type of spring it is) , and spring guide from evike and i recently upgraded my barrel to a PDI RAVEN 6.01 and, my hopup to the PDI snow wold m24 hopup, and my bucking to the PDI W hold bucking. When i last chrono'd my sniper it was shooting about 470 FPS and 3.28J with .32g BB's but that's hot for my field (ACS airsoft) and wasn't able to use it anymore after a few games so someone from my field told me to come on here to look for some advice.
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