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Colorado. It's where I live and play. I am a new member to the airsoft community, and after playing a few backyard games over the years, I thought, hey, if I'm going to play airsoft so much, I might as well do it legally, on an actual field. So here I am on, searching for my first real airsoft gun (not a spring M4 from Walmart). I go to the "Airsoft Electric Rifles" section, the first on the list. I scroll down and click on a beautiful G&P M4. I marvel at it's greatness, and think of all the fun I am going to have switching to full auto and blasting through hordes of people after sprinting towards their spawn once I hear the whistle sounding the start of the game. But wait! I realize, that's not me. I think to myself, "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?"

All my life, I've aspired to become a sniper in the military. When I was younger, I didn't care what branch. It took some time before I uncovered my dream...

Until the late 2000's, only a select few people knew of the Navy SEALs. But as everybody knows now, they are badass and well known for it, as more of them decide to share their experiences through books and movies. I know! You're thinking right now "Ahh just another wannabe SEAL." but I know what I'm working for. This is why I had chills in my spine when the whistle actually went off. I run from tree to tree, from bush to bush, holding my shiny new UTG L96. I'm following my team of fellow FNG's, hoping I am accurate enough to protect them from enemy fire. Im not very well camouflaged, so I selfishly hope that my teammates get spotted before me. I stay a safe distance behind them, staying on the lookout. We have to come across someone eventually, right? I look down my scope and see a glare coming off of a bush from about 100 feet away. "GET DOWN!" I whisper loudly to my group. I go prone, and find the sniper in my crosshairs. I wait for the right moment and I take the shot. Miss! About two feet to the right. Damn! I forgot that airsoft rifles aren't very accurate, and that wind can blow your shot off by a mile. I pull the bolt back, and push it forward again. I look through my scope, aim for center mass, only a little to the left this time. I pull the trigger. Hit! I see the sniper's hand go up as he starts to walk away.

I have discovered my passion. But I still have much to learn, and that is why I'm here. I hope one day, with the SEAL Trident on my chest, I can feel as confident as I did then when I look through the scope, providing overwatch for a convoy of Marines...

See you next time,
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