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Hi everyone, I have been lurking around here and silently taking your advice for well over a decade now. But I finally decided to make an account here and actually ask some questions myself.

My current loadout is an old Echo-1 ER25k with a Polarstar Jack, Madbull Python II tightbore, Madbull ultimate rotary hopup, modify flathop bucking, and a custom R-hop. When the gun runs it runs great, however the tolerances have gotten pretty poor which leads to absolutely horrid feeding issues, which is sort of what brings me here.

I started playing airsoft in my backyard in around 2009. My airsoft career has always been finding a field, playing until it shutters, hanging up the guns for a year, getting the itch back and finding a new place to play.

I love tinkering with my guns and understanding what makes them work, and the endless pursuit of precision.
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