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Hi guys, I'm new here. Not to forums, certainly not to airsoft :D

I owned a RS SVD (upgraded to 600 FPS), KWA FPG, 3 Different Cyma AKs, a JG S-System enhanced, 3 WE 1911s, a couple Famases, an SRC G36c, a JG AUGA3, 2 thompsons, a Cyma M14, an HFC M11, and I know I'm forgetting a few......

I currently own:

-Marui Desert eagle with guarder body kit (being chromed ATM)
-Silver Army Detonics (GREAT pistol for price)
-Cyma RPK (Shooting 540 @ 25)
-Cyma AK74 (DMR, working on, M190, GB works, should be about 650 FPS)
-Dboys WS AKS-74un (much better than typical non-WS DBOYS, DSG, working on, M170, GB works, should be about 53 RPS)
-CAW BG-15 with 4 shells
-KS P90 (currently converting to autonomous sentry turret)

And coming soon...:

-WE M16A1 open bolt (getting in a trade)
-A&K SVD (shipped, going to try to make my own fusion engine)

I just got my first palmers rig. I am currently working on getting all the fittings, hose, and threads down. I'm an AEG guy. I make AEGs sing. GBBRs and gas weapons, I can work on, but I'm starting to get into it.

Note most of my builds are in progress. Once summer comes and I get some more time outside of school, they will be finished. I just don't have enough time.

I'm moving here from Airsoft Society because most of the people there are just not mature, and have little-to-no tech experience. I hope to get and give legit advice on this forum.

Please let me know if you have any questions (or if I broke any rules..... lol)


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Glad to have you! We don't have too many aeg guys here so you can definitely contribute a lot.
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