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Hello my fellow snipers!

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Call me Seth. Im 16 as of last Saturday and 2 weeks ago me and my friends got into airsoft. We are a small group but we are dedicated. So far im the only member in the group who has even raised the money to buy a gun for airsoft. I ordered it last week on Thursday and it should be here soon. The moment we started I wanted to be the sniper of the group. Two of my friends also want to be snipers. My family owns 100 acres of land here in Texas and alot is woodland. So you can only guess where all of our wars take place
I have always been really good at hiding and makeing myself unnoticable to other players. Currently I don't have a good sidearm but I plan to get one soon if I decide I need it.

Well its great to be here and I hope some of you vets can maybe hook up with me sometime so we can maybe get together for a few rounds or share battle tactics.
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For a sidearm, I have a CQB shotgun that goes 283 fps. The stock broke earlier this year and so I made a pistol grip for it out of PVC. :)
Deadmau5 said:
Thanks guys. Im glad to be here! I do have a few shotguns that me and my friends bought so maybe I could rig somethin to where I can move around and not have to hold it. The shotguns are very cheap around $20 and they are from Wallmart. So yeah.
Mine cost $25 from airsplat.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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