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Hello name is chris

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Hi every on my name Chris I'm a 8 year USAF crew chief,and im a car guy. but have wanted to try air soft for a while, I have had my l96 for three years and never used, it for some reason I can't sight it in no mater what I try setting wise. think it might be ammo will be going with heavier .3 ammo next see if that helps any way love the sight.
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Hi and welcome, what do you mean you can't sight? You can't see the bb or you can't see through the scope?
Nope I mean I can't hit what I'm aiming at like I can with my 22 or my old bb guns lol
What make is the L96? Does it group out of sight picture? Or is it just everywhere except where youre looking?
Welcome!! Try some heavier weight bbs and get back to us. ;) We are here to help!
Thanks guys I got it from a little airsoft shop in Jacksonville ar I told the guy I wanted a starter sniper rifle I think it's a well's l96 it says made in china on it. The bb's just hook left or right I get no good groups or anything I just broke it completely down cleaned it lubed it with gun oil used teflon tape to help seal better. I just got some .25's to run threw it see if it dose any better .
Hm, sounds like it could be a really bad hop up problem if its hooking left AND right. Good part is though that it's probably an easy DIY fix, or you could just swap out the whole thing.
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