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Hello, my name's Devin, i'm 17, and I live in VA. I play a lot of tabletop and miniwargames like D&D, Warhammer, and Magic: The Gathering, alongside my hobbies involving Anime/Manga and playing guitar. I love music of any kind, including foreign music: Post-hardcore, all kinds of metal and rock, top 40, Japanese Rock, some German stuff, Electronica/Dubstep, and Celtic are my favorites. I'm learning two languages besides my own: Spanish and Japanese, and hope to become an English teacher in Japan after getting a Master's in college. I pride myself on being understanding and fair, especially when it comes to arrogant, disrespectful, hypocritical, or ignorant people. I was taught to be this way from my experiences throughout school being bullied, and now I try to help other kids with it, and some have even told me that they were thinking of suicide before I became their friend. So I try my best to be a good person, and don't act any way that I know i'm not, like being a tough guy, or super smart or anything; just me. That's me in a nutshell, really. I'm originally from CA, and heard about Airsoft from some old childhood friends in a neighborhood of my hometown, and started playing in my backyard with a dozen friends several years ago shortly after moving to VA. I've been playing Airsoft for about 4+ years minimum, give or take two. I'm now a regular player at Ballahack, the biggest current Airsoft field on the entire East Coast, and have gotten my new stepdad into the sport, so we play every other week. My very first gun was a JG G3 (link: JG T3-K3 G3A3 Airsoft Electric Gun 100 - JG T3-K3 G3A3 100 Airsoft - - AirSoft Gun Warehouse). I now roll with either a King Arms M4 Ultra Grade (upgraded inner barrel so far) or my Well Warrior AWP L96 (all stock parts).

My field, experiences, and play style
At Ballahack, the field is 99 acres of swamp and forest, pefect for stealth in spring and summer, with several small outposts scattered about, and a large town in the center (map: The Field). The gameplay is fast in small gametypes, but going it alone is possible with enough patience and use of back roads or willingness to go waist-deep in swampwater. I've often found myself behind enemy lines by myself many a time, and even INSIDE the enemy HQ building unknown to the other team. Please be aware that these are just my experiences, and i'm sorry if it's seen as bragging, and I realize that bragging gets me nowhere, so please don't take it that way. Back to the point; other times, I take a marksman role and snipe targets called out to me by teammates at range in larger games (there are large open areas ideal for sniping on the main roads or closed-in, hallway-type swamp trails and rolling ditches, all perfect for ambush), or go it alone or with one or two teammates on ambushes, and skirting around enemy lines for quick objective taking/raiding and assassination. To assure you that i'm not BS'ing, this actually happened at Tim v. Bob 4.5; I had gotten my team behind the enemy lines and within roughly a few hundred feet in front of the objective when the game was called. Sad to say, we were disappointed at the tie game, but we amazingly and successfully passed two large patrols (which came within about 100-200 feet of us, once) and eliminated one without any casualties or later retaliation (thanks to our medic and speed). Here's the reason; I often find myself thrust into a leadership role because no-one else will fill it. When I see that we're in a stalemate, or that my friends aren't fighting back, I take the initiative and attack head-on to get them to advance, even if it means I have to respawn it's worth the ground we take, or sometimes I flank the enemy with a team to keep the combat rolling and the battlefield moving in our favor, or take objectives while the opponent's back lines are distracted, rearming/reloading, and regrouping, which has actually won us some major fights in smaller skirmishes and OPs (special days at Ballahack). That's my overall Airsoft experience, sorry if it's alot to read (I love to write), but next is the real problem.

My Dilemma
I constantly find myself using my M4 out of necessity because my L96 is so far outranged and overpowered by everything else on the field, both rifle and AEG. So i'm looking for a high-end (spring or gas) sniper rifle. I'm looking for maximum range and customizability, with an FPS equal to or above 350 with .25's, so about 400-450 FPS with .2's is ideal, but FPS doesn't affect range so it's irrelevant to me as long as it hits where I need it to. My price range is at the absolute maximum at about $400-$500. So far, i've looked at the Ares MS338, which someone I know owns, but I hear that it has magazine issues, and can be cumbersome. I'm trying to get information on the VSR, Tanaka, and Maruzen rifles, which i've heard great reviews and public recognition on, but there's so much info it gets confusing, a little explanation would be a ton of help, please and thanks. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be greatly appreciated. So there's my intro, I hope it's enough (I just realized i've spent an hour and a half on it, well into the morning) and i'll see you guys later :) thanks again, goodnight.
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