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Hello, new guy

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Hey, new here, I play in North Florida, but travel around to farther away games once or twice a month
Im 16, enlisting in the Navy when i graduate high school to become a Navy Seal

Callsign: Lemur - a play on words using on my last name, when I played D-line, they called me the lemur because of my agility and speed

Experience:about a year and a half, started going to an actual field a few months ago, before that we would play private games, wouldnt call it "backyard airsoft" as we always played with OK from the landowners and local law enforcement (called and let them know what was up)

Arsenal: KJW M700- 6.03 tightbore, co2 rig(like the coldshot in idea, but only one regulator) in a stock pouch, G&G power pack, tanaka long mag,
We 1911, JG AUG JG hk416

Camo- 2 handbuilt "real" ghillies and a sorta-ghillie, its a mesh shirt and pant base, reinforced in the front with canvas, with the rest full of elastic bands for natural vegetation VERY nice to have in the hot florida summers

Hobbies- im 16 so girls are a given
I am lucky to have a friend who does triathalons The guy is 50 and runs and swims faster than me , he helps me with a lot of the running and swimming training i am doing in prep for BUD/S, weight lifting,
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Welcome to the boards man. I'm in the Navy myself, and I also tried to go through the SEAL/NSW program. Problem was medical reasons (Eyesight to be precise, not me Dropping On Request). Just one thing to remember man, those Seal Coordinators may seem like a friend that get no benefit out of you going through with it, but they do.

Being a SEAL isn't hard so long as your used to the suck and rigorous days of the grind (Quote from a buddy of mine that was a Corpsman and became a SEAL). The reason the fail rate is so high is because turds (For a lack of better words) aren't used to being pushed to their limits and want to give up. Just remember man, if you drop, expect the next 4 years of your life to be chipping paint, or at least 18 months until you can re-up and try again for BUD/s.

Best of luck to you getting your budweiser. Hit me up if you have any questions. Welcome to the boards.

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