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Name: A.J.

Callsign: Age

Experience: 6+ years airsoft exp. Considering a military carrier.

You're arsenal: I've had close to 50 guns, I'm not listing EVERYTHING...Although this is a marksmen and sniper forum, so I'll list a few long range guns. Custom built M16A4 AEG which shot [email protected] and got 100+yard kills with ease, this was my counter sniping platform and long range support. Also have a JG S-System which I just recently upgraded, so I don't know what it shoots. Also have a G&G M14 Veteran which was shooting over 650fps and easily got 150yard kill shots. Many years back I had a VSR, so I don't remember much about it, although it was very nice, at least that's what I remember.

Your camo: Tiger stripe, us woodland, tri color desert, woodland MARPAT, a lot of surplus gear (which is cheap and works great).

What are your other hobbies?: Archery, firearms, knifes, welding, blacksmithing, knife-smithing, wood working, various shop related things. Occasionally paintball.

Where do you reside?: Connecticut/North East

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Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

My MED was 150-200ft. I only used it at privately owned fields that allowed that kind of power level (but I have to say, it was very realistic with the kind of range it had compared to normal AEG's).

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Note: None of these are record breaking.

Some external upgrades are listed, which are irrelevant to performance.

G&G M14

-King Arms RAS (KA trades)
-SHS high torque motor
-SHS high torque gears
-King Arms Bearing spring guide
-M200 Spring (~650fps)
-Prometheus hard POM piston
-Modified TM piston head w/ bearings
-Solid steel Bushings
-New cylinder head
-New tappet plate
-Systema O-Ring air Nozzle
-Systema type-0 cylinder
-70d sorbo Pad
-Madbull shark hopup bucking
-6.03 tight bore
-HS armory extreme power MOSFET w/ poly fuse
-Re finished stock

Gun shot 650+fps, rof was about the same as a stock gun.

Custom M16

Base gun, JG Enhanced M16A4

-G&P Metal body
-Custom wound motor (re did the motor's armature and polished the commutator)
-RiotSC Revolution gear set
-Prometheus Hard POM Piston (replaced with a CA blue piston after 200k rounds on the prommy pom)
-M150 Spring
-Modify bearing spring guide
-HS armory extreme power MOSFET w/ poly fuse
-4mm bullet connectors
-14 and 16awg aircraft grade wiring
-Systema type-0 cylinder
-70d sorbo pad
-MadBull shark hopup bucking

Shot 525fps @ 48rps

Both guns have the basic mods like AOE, shimming, greasing, barrel spacing, G-Hop type mods, etc.
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