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Hello snipers n sniper gurus..

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Im from South East Asia..i play sniper role since 2008..but still need a good advise from all of you..n at d same time i'll share wit u all wat i experienced..Salute..! :)

My sniping armoury:
JG Bar10
Well L96 MBO1
A&K M16a4 converted to SR-25 looks
Hybrid JG n BE SL8 DMR
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Welcome to the forum. Have you done any modifications or upgrades to your bar-10?


P.S. Your pics by your signature are huge! :)
Welcome... and I agree with fuzzy... your sigs are huge!!

Try not to speak in "text talk" as we say over here.

Have always wanted to play over there, but I know none of my rifles would be allowed on the fields. It is always cool to see things from other places.

Hope you find all that you want and are able to give in return... Again welcome.
Thank you..but now my bar 10 is still under maintenance n wait for new trigger sear or maybe zero trigger set for bar 10 coz mine is still stock..i tried n experiment for strong spring but luck is not on my side..the sear broke after 10 shot..lately i like workin on aeg cum sniper. but still love the bolt action noiseless n consistent.

PS: will tk out one of the signature
Yeah, rule of thumb for me is never upgrade the spring first. Always upgrade for durability and accuracy and then when the rifle is ready, stick in a more powerful spring. That way the rifle won't crap out on you before you get the funds for the necessary upgrade parts.

Agree with you on the bolt action. Quiet and consistent, not to mention easier to take apart then a aeg (for me anyways ;) )

Enjoy your stay...and try to say "and" instead of "n" and stuff like that. Makes it a ton easier to read. Not to mention, it will prevent you from getting a "vacation" from the mods ;)
Thank you for the advise..i using bar10 as my 1st sniper rifle..wit stock condition i shud'nt mod to strong spring but to upgrade my internal 1st or maybe that time im still newbie in sniper she still in my locker waiting for sudden cash. bolt action upgrades is more expensive than aeg.
Yes indeed, more pricey but totally worth it ;) Let me know if you need any help choosing some upgrades. Shoot me a pm if you need to, I am on daily.
fuzzywolly said:
Yes indeed, more pricey but totally worth it ;) Let me know if you need any help choosing some upgrades. Shoot me a pm if you need to, I am on daily.
thank you. i think of Laylax stuff for time being
I love my PDI parts

And I like fuzzy am on through out the day... Gotta love working near a computer
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So far, laylax has been golden for me. However, woogie knows his stuff, and PDI is another great option. I recommend sticking with one or the other, as this ensures everything will be compatible. I am not saying some pdi and laylax parts wont work together, but to stay on the safe side, work with the same company's parts whenever possible ;)
Yup yup best to do.

They are both great companies. I am sure you can go right to there factories over there if you want.

But yeah can't go wrong either way.
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