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hahaha, sure sir

almost all DIY

Primary :

1.AtoZ SVD clone (dont know the brand,maybe tercel/sth)
custom spring spacer(additional to original one)
Guarder SP150 (not chronoed yet)
modify hop up bucking for VSR (yes VSR..i modified them all to take VSR system,haha)
teflon tape mod on cylinder head,inner barrel surface
my primary field unit,its long and annoying,but i love it...:shrug:

2.Matrix/Aimtop/B&W SVD
custom spring spacer
Guarder black (hard) hop up for AEG, (i mind to take prommy, but a buddy says result was far from expected)
other are stock
teflon tape mod on cylinder head,inner barrel surface
(already sold it to other local hobbyist,)

3.VSR clone (dont know what brand,maybe tercel/sth))
dural piston
reinforced sear set
laylax 150 equal spring (around 480-500fps)
AIP hop up bucking (still on progress)
custom barrel spacer (electrical tape roll mod,x2)
teflon taping cylinder head threading,hop up bucking
(never been fielded,hahaha,although it could have a nice 4-5 inch group at 25-30 meter on field test )

4.Well MB01 L96
All Stock
after some years it started to broke everywhere,so i decide to sell it,although it have a nice accuracy on 25m with 0,25 KSC, such a irony
finally i`ve sold her last march to local collector, along with some upgrade parts for it, duh...

5.some cqb m4`s which are not related to sniping,so i wont talk so much about em,i was thinking to have a full size m4 cqb for secondary, ended up with EPIC fail...a ghillie rushing towards tangos shooting full auto, really not a sniper, haha

Secondary :

1. CM.30 AEP
never had serious problems nor breaks,need no repairs, lovin it,just some double feed that can be fixed easily with proper hop up adjustment

NO GBBs, i dont like field myself with gas operated units, i had bad experience with them.

Loadouts :

1.Replica Partizan suit (a sweet match for SVD :tup:)
2.DIY Ghillie Poncho (referring to ARTS ghillie poncho,
3.Classic Duty belt with some pouch
4.Hiking boots
5.Canvas holster
6.Sandbags (to replace use of bipod,i have harris bipod, but they looks weird on SVD, so i take bags instead :yup: )


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Welcome to the forum. Don't see too many people who have more DIYs than bought upgrades in thier rifles. Check out the stickies littered wround the forum for even more of them.

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Hi Firecat, welcome. Wow, Indonesia. One of my good friends is from Indonesia. He works in executive protection, does quite well at it. Gets to travel all over. Your "armory" is quite interesting. Perhaps soon, I will know what half that gear is. I only recently discovered Airsoft via my nephews, so this should be a fun journey.
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