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Hi HavokZA here.

Been reading the forums a little while, as I have always been interested in the Airsoft Sniper role and found great info here.

I'm from sunny South Africa.
I use to be a paintball player but got irritated by the push towards more "speedball" and unrealistic events etc.

I found Airsoft. After the first game I sold my Paintball gear.

Guns I own.

*Specced out ICS M4 R.I.S (Vannaras 6.03 455mm barrel, Guarder Cylinder upgrade kit, Element m120 spring H&K 150mm Silencer, M2 Aimpoint, PEQ, )
*Cyma AKM
*Cyma Glock 18c Aep
* and my most recent addition a Well L96 (specially acquired to be upgraded into "That special sniper rifle"

Thanks to Fuzzywolly I have some parts on the way and hopefully I can get the rifle to a point where I can shoot consistently accurate.

Cammo I own:
RSA Police special forces (
Multicam BDU's with Tactical Molle rig.
Realtree hoody

In he process of making a Ghillie

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Fuzzy, that Glock was a real bargain. Already attached to it ;)

Woogie, I gotta tell you I just couldn't get a BAR10/VSR10. I had one in my hand for a very decent price but decided not to get it. Just wasn't me, if that makes any sense. When I picked up the L96 I just knew this was the gun. Everyone else could tell too as I had a massive grin on my face.

A lot of guys where saying go TM and although the TM L96 is awesome, I picked this gun up for a steal and one is going to upgrade the internals anyway, whether it's TM, Well or UTG I figured it's a shoe in in terms of long term price.

Thanks for the warm welcome.
Will definitely put some pics up.
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