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Hey my name is Brian, i don't really have a callsign because when i play airsoft i just have a group of friends who go out and play for the pure thrill and fun right out in my back yard (4 acres of woods/weeds/bushes/field) and we switch up the teams all the time. I always play with my beloved sniper, a stock UTG MK96 and its lasted me about two years on the field. I do take pride in what i do though i don't mess around when i'm snipin.
First off i'd like to apologize for the thread i posted in the main forum before doing an intro.
So here's my intro! Um,
I'm 17 and i've been playing airsoft for about 4-5 years now, no military experience at all.
For those 4-5 years i've had quite a few of guns and i've setled on my UTG MK96 with the 2 mags that come with it and a 3-9x40 firepower scope. It works for me since i dont really use it often... it's zeroed in at 150 ft but i usually eyeball my shots because i like to get closer to my enemies to make sure i take em out. May not be too smart but once I upgrade my rifle and it becomes more consistent i'll be using my scope more.
So, right now i use my smith and wesson spring pistol, (your average reliable spring pistol) as a backup. not too great, i'll soon be looking towards a gas backup though.
I ripped just the lens part of a mask out of a jt mask i do believe, and i wear that and either a head wrap or just a hat and a hankerchief.
I use a leather holster my friend had lying around and it works just fine ha.
Jeans and a green t-shirt is usually all i play in and it gets me by.
.3's KSC's is the bb of my choice and they shoot straight enough for me so far. hmmm what else.. what else.. yes i am looking at the guideline for an intro

Ah. I'm from New Jersey, in a more farm land type of setting near Allentown if you've ever been there. so my field i usually play on isn't total woods. and it gets cold enough sometimes for it to snow and playing in the snow is freaking awesome, i must say. alright, now
I do play guitar, more acoustic though, and i sing along with it. I am a large fan of coca cola, i used to play paintball, but then it just died because it took so much to get people to go along with the cost of paint and entry everytime we played.
I also am an artist looking to go into the field of industrial design when i finally head to college, which will be after this year since i'll be a senior.
So yeah. I hope you guys have a better perspective upon me now.

Thats ma intro !

***edit I would like to add that i own a claymore, which can be set up with a tripwire or by remote... I really don't have many effective ways to use it so if you had any help for me that would be appreciated!
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LOL .... and what is wrong with that fuzzy?? I just couldn't leave it alone

But yeah, welcome to the forum and thanks for going about it the right way. Hope you find all that you need and we can help you alot.
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