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Hello to all

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Hi all, my name is Will, I'm 24 and from Aberystwyth in Wales. I've been airsofting a while now but only played one official game. The guns i own are a nearly fully upgraded warrior l96 (everything bar a new hop-up chamber), kwc desert eagle and a well g11. Cant seem to get my gbbs working right at the moment so anyone with the same ones any help would be great. My local site is shoreline which is a bit small for a sniper but still fun.

Happy new year
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Welcome to the forum. Watch your "I"s and make sure to use correct grammar and punctuation. You slipped up a time or two in one of your other posts, nothing big though, so no worries.

Again, welcome to the forum. Would love to see some pics as I can't get enough of the l96's.

Edit: I took the initiative and fixed your mess ups in your other posts. Think of it as a welcome to the forum gift. ;)
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