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Just wanted to stay in line with proper use of the site and introduce myself. My name is Sebastian and my field sign is the "shotman". I am probably somewhat older than most of you, but I do enjoy the "toys" all the same. I am a professional operator and have been for over twenty years now. The last seven of those with Blackwater, cleaning up their messes. Keeps me more than a little busy! I started with air-soft five years ago and stay on top by training everyday with my air-soft weapons, absolutely the best for my simulations.

What I use for work, and training:
Custom SWS L96, air-soft 6mm, 338 Lapua
Custom SWS M24, air-soft 6mm , 308 win.
Kimber Custom II 1911A1, you guessed it... 6mm, .45 acp.

Other things I enjoy are kayaking and fly fishing when I have the time.

I travel all over but I keep a place in Arkansas to store my personal things and to do some of that kayaking and fishing I mentioned before.

That's about it gentlemen, now you know more about me than most.
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