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Hello to all!

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My name is Steven, aka Killer, 22yo

Am now working full time as a replica technician (Airsoft gunsmith) for a company in Belgium. I myself am dutch.

Me and a couple of colleges have started a kind of team/squad of snipers.
Since i have extended experience in upgrading and airsoft tech, everyone comes to me for help and advice haha.

I have been repairing/upgrading for over 4 years now, and and drink airsoft. I am totally addicted (10,5 hour working days with airsoft guns, and then going home to tinker some more)

Currently owning a few replica's:
TM Desert Eagle [full upgrades] (my first airsoft gun and most loved one)
TM G36K Recoil Shock [Needs a new barrel and then its sort off maxed out]
Well MB08 [Stuffed with PDI Parts, but not maxed out yet]
CA M4 Compact Seal [Going for a DSG Setup, goal: 60+RPS]

Our little team (Tactical Intervention Team) are made out of 5 snipers, who live for tinkering. " If we didnt build/modify it, its probably crap!"
(Hence our home made ghillies vs shiney unwashed factory ghillies)

I hope to learn alot more from these forums, and would like to share more interesting idea's with you all! (will post soon with a new pistonhead rubber for PDI Pistons)

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Welcome to the forum... Please enlighten us!

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have someone so experienced in airsoft tech with us.
When i get home from work, ill see if i can post some info about some upgrades etc.
Still have to test my new piston with dampening.

since i live in The Netherlands, tinkering is a pain in the arse since airsoft guns are illegal. I have to take the whole thing appart and upgrade the internals at home, and test them in belgium... >.< stupid laws.
Welcome to the boards! I take it you live near the border then?

Yeah, i live in Maastricht, which is literally no more than a five-minute drive from the belgium border. Still looking to see if i can play in England sometime.
Ah sounds pretty good then! Been to belgium before visiting the battlefields, beautiful country, bit flat though :lmao: The sites I would recommend in england are ground zero, phoenix airsoft, the mall and just about all of the scottish sites! I would say more but I honestly can't remember their names :(

Yeah, ive been planning to come to the UK for over 2 years now, but we're kinda stuck with the transport of guns. Do you know how that stuff works perhaps? Dont want to risk my guns being destroyed like some countries do.

Also, how does that work with the two-tone rule in the UK?
All techies welcome!

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