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hello to every one from Mopedman

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Hello to every one on the airsoft sniper forums.

My name is Sam.

Call sign- Mopedman

I have been playing airsoft for about two years now. I have been interested in snipers/countersnipers for about a year now. My first experience with airsoft snipers was about a year and a half ago at a game at SFOD in Michigan were Livonia shot me from about 200 ft when I was in cover on top of a building. Ever since I have had interest in airsoft snipers.

Just recently I picked up a Tanaka M700 and plan on picking up a TM VSR10.

I thought that I would introduce my self in my first post to the airsoft sniper community.
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Welcome !!!

Sorry to hear that your first experience with a sniper was at the hands of a good one, would be different if it was a new guy with a crappy rifle ...

But ask any questions that you may have, of course after using the search function.

You have any pics of your gear as of right now?

What are your plans for your tanaka and your possible VSR?
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Hey nothing wrong with that.... Always good to keep your rifles stock and play with them for a while and then slowly upgrade.

Sounds like you already have a plan for it all as well. Not to many people do that, I know i didn't..

Good luck on the build and have some fun with it as well.

Where are you located at? If you are around my area would be more than happy to help you out.
Ahh ok ... I do know that a few of the guys on here are from the michigan area. I am over in Fargo, ND.

Heck I know a few games are over in that area that a few of the guys from my area take part in. Maybe we can all meet up there and have a grand ole time.
Glad to hear that you are liking the rifle. Keep us informed
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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