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hello to every one from Mopedman

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Hello to every one on the airsoft sniper forums.

My name is Sam.

Call sign- Mopedman

I have been playing airsoft for about two years now. I have been interested in snipers/countersnipers for about a year now. My first experience with airsoft snipers was about a year and a half ago at a game at SFOD in Michigan were Livonia shot me from about 200 ft when I was in cover on top of a building. Ever since I have had interest in airsoft snipers.

Just recently I picked up a Tanaka M700 and plan on picking up a TM VSR10.

I thought that I would introduce my self in my first post to the airsoft sniper community.
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I don't have much sniper gear. I have a ton of airsoft stuff. I am not really sure what I am going to do to the Tanaka. I am new to the hole sniper thing. Not sure what to do to it. I am reading into it now. I don't want to jump into mods yet and not know what is better or worse. As far ast VSR go's I want to make that into a bad weather gun for winter and cold weather. I am about to start to work on my guile suit. I am also about to paint my tanaka and one of my M4's. My brother is going to be using the M4 as my spoter or vise-versa. I am not doing too much right now because it is beter just to obsorb info before jumping into the s***.
I am in Utica Michigan. About 20 min north of detroit.
I was able to use my Tanaka for the first time in a game today. I love the gun, it shoots really good. I also painted it today.I will post pics in the next few days.
The gun performs realy good for a stock rifle.I have been using madbull .36g BB's. I would like to get a tight bore for the rifle and a good bipod.

Also I posted a few pics on my facebook from my phone. If any one on here has a face book they can add me. Just search for Sam Goldwater.
Thank you, I am loving this forum. There are lots of good info on here.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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