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hello to everyone

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I'm Marco i write from Rome, Italy so don't shoot me if my english is too bad

I play airsoft since 2005.

My arsenal is so composed:
m249 mkii classic army
stubby killer g&p
scar l G&G
king arms sniper 20" now customized
vsr pro sniper marui

i sign in this forum because i'm looking for a place specialized in sniper role to upgrade my skill and find answer for tune up my vsr. In my country this role is no really appreciate, because people like to spend tons of bb, but my club is setting on a different way to play. We don't use high capacity mag, max 120bb, we use hi cap mag only on support weapon such as m249.
we think thins way is much more funny, so play with a bolt action or with a heavy m249 have a sense.
Now i have a ready to play ghillie but i'm planning to do my custom ghillie.

other hobby: tuning and offroad driving my 87 wrangler yj, motocross.

I hope I'm falling in the right place ;)
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Welcome, and welcome to the world of Milsim/Simulation. It's quite common for events in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, in the US to restrict mags to no high caps except support weapons. Snipers are also quite popular in Michigan, though there are only a handful of skilled ones.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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