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Hello ASF,

My name is Tobias, i come from Denmark and is getting into airsoft sniping.
I started getting in to snipping 6 months ago, only using my friends rifle though. But i am now looking to build my own, so i am just starting to learn the tech behind it. honnestly i find this very awesome :D i keeps me awake at night though :zzz:

A little bit about my self: i Study network engineering and i work at an IT corporation in Denmark, my hobbies are Airsoft and computers :tup:

I play airsoft with a few of my friends, mostly in the open airsoft games in the weekends. skirmishes of what ever you would call them.

other than that, i don't feel there is anymore to add as of now.

Hope to have the best time here with some great people :D

Best regards

PS. i have a question: i am allowed to make a post about my first build and the parts i think i am going to use, and what i should change out if any? :) because i don't know if that would be a spam post, i kinda would.

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This is what i have ind mind so far, this is a list i keep updating every time i learn something new, there are also thing on the list that aren't necessary (such as the mag release button and that specific silencer. but the list is just a bucket list for me)
this is not the final parts list, but just a temporary one :D
money is not a problem, i know i can change out some of these parts for something cheaper and get, close to or the same performance, or at least i think i could. but i want this rifle to be my baby :D

or if i am totally wrong, it just ain't gonna work at all because it was a failed design, what do i know :p

PDI 6.01 innerbarrel(or an EDGI barrel): PDI 01 6.01mm Precision Barrel for VSR-10/G-Spec (430mm)
PDI barrel spacers: PDI Barrel Spacer for Marui VSR-10 G-Spec
PDI V-trigger: PDI Reinforced v-Trigger with Piston End for Marui VSR10
PDI cylinder set: PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set VC for Tokyo Marui VSR-10
PDI 2nd sear: PDI Reinforced 2nd Sear for Marui VSR-10
PDI 1st sear: PDI Reinforced 1st Sear for Marui VSR-10
PDI sear and trigger spring: PDI Karu Bane (Trigger & Sear Spring) for VSR-10 Sniper
PDI bedding pillar: PDI Bedding Pillar for Marui VSR Series
PDI mag release button: PDI Magazine Release Button / M.R.B. for Marui VSR-10
Laylax 170 spring: Laylax PSS10 170 Spring for Marui VSR
AA Smart hop up: Action Army Smart Hop Up Chamber for Marui VSR-10
AA silencer adaptor: Action Army 14mm CCW Silencer Adaptor for Marui VSR-10
Nineball bucking: Nine Ball Air Seal HopUp Chamber for Marui GBB & VSR Rifle
TM G-spec: Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-SPEC Sniper Rifle
Potionally this silencer: PDI F.P. Suppressor (14mm CCW)
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