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hello world

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I m Groquik
first of all sorry for my bad english but I work to improve it

My first name is Amaury and I have a little over 30 years
I play airsoft since 1994, my first bolt back to 1999 this is an aps-2 from first home in Osaka. I always play with and is always on top, I did try other models (dsr1, vsr, m24, ..) but to my taste the most effective.
I am currently working on an aps-SR2 is ugly but can a nice urban snipe though kc-02 more commonly called kj 10/22 with which I take a lot of fun.

At the clothes I made many ghillies for testing in different environments and comfort.

I am also the webmaster of Sniperland since 1999, site by and for the 6 mm sniper. actually, I read here comment about the site is in French. I tried some years ago to work with two languages but it takes time that I did not. If you want to communicate on sniperland you can speak English, most of us understand against our answers will not in top shakeasperre language. or

I worked in a airsoft storesome time and now Iam a freelance for two french airsoft newspapers


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Welcome, no worries about the english, you are actually quite good for not being your first language. Very glad to have you with us my good sir.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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