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Hello world

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Hi all, xb0n3 here.

I’ve been lurking and using this forum for some time now. So far, it has been nothing but useful for finding information to choose my first airsoft sniper rifle. I started playing airsoft in October 2022 and had a blast since. I got lucky by being able to borrow a full sniper loadout from a fellow player to try out stalking & sniping. The rest is history :]

For my arsenal: after comparing the different options, I went for a SSG10 A1 and I can’t be glad enough about the quality. For a side arm, I went for the SSX23. Both choices seemed the most fair to me to get going, and so far I’m satisfied.

When the SSG10 arrived, I immediately took it apart to inspect and clean it. It was fun and cool to see all the different parts a VSR type replica contains. I really enjoyed the ‘teching’ (so far) and hope to be doing it more in the future, next to contributing to the forum. My future plan is to makie my own ghillie suit.

- xb0n3
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Good choices all round to be honest just got an SSP2 and the quality is superb.

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