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Name: Chase

Callsign: Hunt

I've been airsofting for about 4 years now. I have only been seriously playing the sniper role for about a year.

I shoot a fully upgraded (Laylax/PDI) Maruzen Type 96. I also have a stock Tokyo Marui 1911a1 for a sidearm.

Usually, I wear my custom ghillie suit. I am thinking of making a new one just to fix the things I did wrong the first time around.

Other things that I like to do are four-wheeling, and hiking. Anything in the woods really.

I live in Michigan and I am really excited for the snow to melt away so I can finally have some vegetation to work with again.

I hope that I can share some of the knowledge that I have attained in my experience with the board. And I hope you guys can teach me a thing or two.
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