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Name: Gunther Druker

Callsign: Gumper

Experience: I have been airsofting for 2 years, only in small scale (4v4) battles with friends in the woods behind our houses (mostly because it's hard to find a place that holds airsoft events near us).

Arsenal: Walther p99 spring pistol, CYMA m14 Socom w/4x scope (This rifle sadly broke a few days ago), I will be getting a Well Mb01 l96 soon.

Camo: Woodland camo jumpsuit + Woodland camo store bought ghillie.

Hobbies: Guitar, Piano, Reading

Where I live: Pennsylvania (South Eastern)
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Welcome to the boards! Can't wait to see your arsenal/setup =)
Thanks! I'll post pics as soon as I can, my friend is giving me his CYMA cm.022 ak47 because he broke off the barrel! I heard that gun is a peice of poop though..oh well.
I am a PA man myself. Check out c3 airsoft for more details on fields that may be near you.

With that said, welcome to the forums. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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