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Name: Brian

Callsign: flyahawk

Experience: I actually don't lay airsoft at all.
A group of my friends have gotten into hunteering. Which I suppose is airsoft at its core. But we don't have any AEG's and we don't play milsim or at any official fields. We play in the woods and wear hunting patterns and ghillie suits. I have been lurking in the shadows here for some time. There is an amazing wealth of information here. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share what you know.

You're arsenal: Not much of an arsenal :) just one gun. An Echo 1 ASR. I am currently in the modification process: barrel, hopup chamber, and piston/spring upgrades. I will be sure to post my results when I'm done. Plus she has a jazzy paint job.

Your camo: Hunting patterns. In my woods I feel real tree advantage works the best. Hand made stalking ghillie. I don't have a crawl suit yet but have plans to make one. Stalking ones lend themselves to hunteering gameplay better.

What are your other hobbies?: way way way too many to list.... camping, flying, and motorcycles would be towards the top though

Where do you reside? USA, in the great state of Georgia
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A Georgia peach can mean more than one thing.... but both are excellent!

I am pretty happy with the ASR so far as well. I'm excited to tighten up the shot group a bit.

Yeah its tough to find people who want to take on hunteering. We don't have many.
hoggie said:
Can you explain Hunteering?
Sure! Its a solo or pairs based game. It focuses on field craft and sniping skills. The full game is 30 hrs long. There are navigation points placed on the "field" that you have to find or you loose points. And of course you get points for shooting other hunters ;) You have to carry your food and shelter with you the you will use in the 30 hours.Try not to get eaten by any bears or get too lost. Great concept for a sniping game!

This is a great video that was made by phantom. It doe a good job of explaining the ideas behind it.

You can also search for 6mm hunters.They have a good forum as well.
reezo said:
After reading my comment again, I somehow feel dirty..Should I.
Lol one should always feel dirty when having the chance XD .. dirt improves your ability to blend with the surrounding environment :) so even psychological dirt works :)
Hahahaha I like that! I'll keep it in mind :)

And no, you shouldn't feel dirty about wanting to try a GA peach.... It's perfectly normal!!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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