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lordnordeth said:
Foamed the stock entire stock interior with my wife's old memory foam pillow when she bought her new one, Teflon wrapped the slot for, then stretched the O-Ring on my piston (to give me near perfect compression), switched to cupped head piston, and then enlarged, sanded, and smoothed the opening for my cylinder head, stabilized my barrel with e-tape on each side of the foam barrel spacers (4 evenly spaced through length of barrel), reinforced the plastic trigger box with aluminum duct/framing tape to give it more strength and less vibration, and lubed my cylinder to smooth the action, and reduce noise on cocking. Removed the weight from the adjustable butt-plate and foam filled all pieces of the adjustable butt-plate, and the cheek rest, tightened up all screws and thread locked them w. Blue Lock-Tite.
Stabilized the bipod mount to reduce rattling and vibration, and reinforced the arm on the factory hop-up by pinning it with a steel pin through the core of it. Still need to shim the hop up arm, and reduce vibrations through my scope.

That's where I sit so far with it, but I'm not done yet.

For the M14, I pretty much followed the DMR Guide on here...good stuff in there!
Any chance you read my guide cause 90% of the stuff in there was in my guide, I have duct-taped my trigger box but not with aluminum tape, good Idea. I had a good piston with a perfect o-ring and my piston doesn't hit the cylinder head so I don't need to use an airbrake or softer piston. The memory foam is great stuff isn't it. Making a silencer will make the gun change it's pitch BTW, I recommenced. For the scope maybe rap soft stuff like foam or tape on the mounts so it fits better to the gun and maybe wrap the silencer in electrical tape and then put a cover on it.

Edit I mean the guide in my signature (I am sure you know this but just in case - the thing under my comments)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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