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Hi there I am James but am more often called JR by the rest of the team I play with. I am based in the UK and have been playing airsoft for around about 1 year,
my first gun was a second hand JG G3sas which was pretty good fun but I soon realised I was out ranged/ out gunned by most of the rest of the club.
the club were selling off ex-hire JG G36 M4-alikes (M4 stock and magwell the rest G36) the gearbox failed big-time on this one :( and was stripped, shimmed and lots of shiny goodies were put into it:
silent head both piston and cylinder, new ball bearing spring guide and spring,air-seal nozzle madbull hop rubber and a 363mm madbull v2 6.03 tight bore. I also added a G&P 120 motor for full auto madness.......... it was ....... pants I had nothing but issues with it had it open on the kitchen table more often than it was out in the field.
The opportunity arose to but a 2tone (bright green) Taiwanese clone vsr-11 my first bolt action and set about modding that too I removed the piston weights changed the cylinder head new hop rubber and a deep fire 6.02mm tight bore and of course a nice paint job to cover the eye melting green finish.
and I have been using that for all games since then with great effect to the point of annoyance to members of the opposite team.
my current new project (unstarted as of yet),
the previous owner of the G3sas managed to get a JG G3 with a RAS rail at the fore-end but after a couple of games couldn't get used to it, so we swapped he got the G3sas I got the full size one

The club I play with:
have a look at the gallery quite alot of the gameday pics are mine as I pretend to be a photographer from time to time.
or try here:
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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you with us!
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