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Hello :)

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Hi, my callsign is snake or mamba, ive been a dmr for 2-3 years now, and i feel like im ready to make a transition into true bolt action rifles now that i have sold everything (due to moving to a new city/ university) and am about to start anew. i have come on this site many times before to read up on great information and hope to later contribute to this site as well :)
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Welcome! What was your DMR, and what are you considering for bolt guns?
My DMR was a RealSword type56 that had an extensive internal overhaul for optimal trigger response and a very stable 500 fps fire power. It also had a 650mm prometheus innerbarrel installed (a silencer attached to obviously keep the innerbarrel safe) and a Ehobbyasia brand 3-9x scope attached via NCstar railed dustcover accessory(which I don't recommend, because it took many hours of work in order to keep the damn thing from shaking). The finished product resembled a Zastava m76 with a regular ak mag. I hope to start up again very soon (first having to build up money) with a tanaka m24 or m700.
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