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I suppose I should blend in and do a welcome thread eh?

Hello. I am Kreeper from mid-Michigan. I have lurked here and MiA for quite awhile. Finally started talking more on MiA recently and decided I should start talking here as well.

I became serious in Airsoft a couple years ago when I met a guy from Team Immortal. I played with him for awhile and at the same time bought my weapon as a JG Bar10.(Sniper noob, huh?) He helped me upgrade the internals and for the last 2 years I have been learning the art of sniping from knowing the weapon to learning concealment. In the last couple months I finally joined Team Immortal under a guy named Maverick who was an Army Sniper and I look forward to learning more about sniping then I could dream of from him.

It is a pleasure to meet you all. Some names I know from MiA, but I hope to chat with you all.
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I sold Maverick my old l96 a while back. Any chance you get to see it in action?

He's a great guy, and enjoyed learning some things from him as well over on MIA.
Yeah, he still has it. Truthfully I haven't seen him all ghillied out and sniping yet as we have mainly been doing team training. However, he has pretty much bet me that L96 if I can accomplish certain feats by the end of this year.
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