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Welcome to the boards!

That and with your rifle selections. The APS-2 is a great rifle. I am currently looking at picking one up in the L96 version. But I do have the BAR-10. And I know it is a clone, yap yap yap. But for a first rifle it is great. And with a few little tweaks it can shoot with the best of them.

I would say if you are just starting out and not to sure if you want to stick around for years and years. I vote for the BAR-10. Just due to the fact that it isn't all that expensive so you will have some extra cash to get a tight bore and a new bucking. That will still be cheaper than a stock VSR or APS2. Just my two cents.

That and with a rifle like the BAR you can not feel bad about taking it apart and working on it. You don't have to worry about breaking something and having to pay a ton to fix it. As all of the VSR parts can fit in this rifle as well.

But I digress... welcome to the boards and stick around and have fun. Good luck with the camero problem.
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